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If you review each of the following points you will be able to reduce your expenditure, save extra money, and understand your financial position better.

Transaction Account:

  • Understand your Fees & Charges – look for Product Disclosure Statements (PDS)
  • Use online services to stay organised & remind you of bill due dates
  • Low Cost Basic bank accounts – Affordable BankinWebsite

Credit Card:


  • Do you have any? How much? When is it due? (including student debt)
  • Would Debt Consolidation or Balance Transfer be beneficial?

Credit Report:

Leaky Bucket:

  • What unnecessary costs do you have? Where can extra savings be found…
  • Memberships, phone/internet & electricity bills, entertainment, health insurance benefits



Savings Goals:

  • MoneySmart.gov.au – provides lots of information & tools including a Budget Planner
  • Paying with card provides a transaction trail to help track your expenditure
  • Set achievable savings goals that allow some money for fun!

Automate Your Savings:

  • Set up automatic transfers from your transaction account into High Interest Savings accounts
  • Most employers will support split payments – one to your transaction account, the other to your saving account
  • Automated Savings or Investments help you save by rounding up purchases and saving a little each time you buy something – for example, try the Acorns App