The NSW government provides a quick and easy website for comparing Compulsory Third Party (CTP) ‘Green Slip’ Insurance. The website provides quotes for motor vehicles and motorcycles that are being used for personal or business use.

The website also offers 6 months or 12 months insurance policies to help your cash flow.

How much can I save?

Using one example, a 12 year old vehicle being used for private use and parked in a Sydney suburb returned quotes, from six different insurers, ranging in price from $602 per year through to $908 per year.

Choosing a lower price insurer would literally save you hundreds of dollars per year!

What do I need?

To complete a quote comparison, you will need:

  • Vehicle registration details
  • Average kilometres travelled per year Existing insurance policy (if applicable)
  • Details of the age and driving history of the driver, or drivers, of the vehicle

What is a CTP Green Slip?

A Green Slip is an insurance policy that you must have in order register your vehicle in NSW. It provides compensation in the event people are injured in a motor vehicle accident.

What does CTP Green Slip Insurance Cover?

If you are injured [but not at fault] in a vehicle accident, you can claim for a range of benefits including past and future medical treatment and rehabilitation costs, care costs and economic losses, as well as payments for pain and suffering (in some circumstances).

If you are injured [and at fault] in a vehicle accident, your Green Slip may provide limited cover, up to first $5,000 of treatment costs and lost income incurred in the first six months after an accident.

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